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  • For those excited about starting their own virtual online business with support through each step of the way
  • For you if you have been looking for a way to provide for yourself and your family
  • For you if you want to make an impact on your community and nation
  • For you if you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur in a lucrative industry
  • For those seeking personal, spiritual, and financial transformation
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Meet Your Life Strategist

Hello, I’m Shelly Gee, a life strategist for Unveiling Journey, an online virtual experience facilitating healing and transformation. Helping individuals to unlock their potential, unleash inner power, and unveil their divine purpose. I started my professional journey at nineteen and pioneered an entrepreneurial path for three decades. I helped clients maximize their financial potential with successful investment strategies to achieve their goals. I coached and mentored international clientele to build their real estate portfolio and transform wealth into legacies. As a life strategist, I empower individuals to transform from the inside out. Shifting onto a path of exponential growth, profits, and accelerating into your destiny. I invite you to come with me on the Unveiling Journey. Let us unveil life together!

Shelly Gee

What is the Unveiling Journey?

Unveiling Journey is an online course which facilitates our transformation from the inside out. It is a process of inner searching, allowing us to access our potential,activate the power within us, and shift to a sense of awareness and purpose

Why Unveiling Journey?

  •  First and foremost, Unveiling Journey is a Divine mandate, creating a path for people to live a Christ centered life.
    •  To help people live a meaningful, productive, and purpose driven life
    • To help people break negative mindset, cycles and patterns that causes them to be incarcerated (physically and mentally) and held in bondage in one or more areas of your life
    • To help people navigate tough transitions and transcend struggles, adversities and trauma
    • To help people experience healing and transformation

Who is Unveiling Journey For?

  • Anyone who wants to get clear on what you are created to do
  • Anyone who wants God’s direction for their life
  • Anyone who wants to sharpen your vision and hearing and become more sensitive in the spirit
  • Anyone who wants to be healed and transformed emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • Anyone who wants to enhance personal and spiritual awareness
  • Anyone who wants to experience a calm, peaceful, and hopeful life
  • Anyone who wants to impact the lives of your families, communities and nations


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