The global pandemic crisis is causing Churches to look for ways to effectively carry out their missions. We care about the Church and have a heart for the people so we have accelerated our mission to offer opportunities for change. We are essentially extending an outreach ministry opportunity to the Body of Christ to help advance the Gospel of the Kingdom. Unveiling Journey, created by divine insight, bridges the gap between Christianity and Churchianity and between faith and finance. We realize that we, as a people, need each other to carry out our missions which is to ultimately discipleship and to win souls for Christ. Unveiling Journey serves as a springboard for the Body of Christ, creating momentum for ministries and sustainable change in the lives of believers.

In these uncertain times, one of the biggest concerns many Churches are facing is a decline in membership and Church growth. Not only are people not coming into the Church as quickly as they used to, but they are also leaving at a faster pace than ever before, often permanently! Instead of trying to figure out where everyone went, the better alternative is to shift your mindset away from outdated models that don’t serve the times and integrated models to form a strong ecclesial vision. The most resilient Church leaders are those who will stand the test of time and recognize the time of their visitation and seize their “Kairos” moment!  

The hard truth is that many Churches are experiencing an economic crisis. They don’t have adequate finances to maintain expenses; building mortgage, rent, or utilities. Some who have tried online Church still need resources to keep it going. They don’t have the budget to hire staff, and volunteers feeling the effects of the pandemic have dwindled.  While word of mouth is still the best Church growth, everyone is now speaking digitally and churches have to look to move away from what no longer works to life-changing opportunities. People deserve total wellness; not just spirit but mind, body, and soul.


Divine Purpose

  • Help your members know their specific  purpose in the Kingdom
  • Knockdown the barriers of Churchianity and allow members to live a Christ-centered life.   
  • Offer your members fresh perspectives to grow in Christ while making strong disciples in a healthy, mature, and fun way.

Create economic stability  

  • Tap into a stream of financial opportunity for your Church projects and relieve the burden from your members’ pockets
  • Allow members the opportunities to provide for their families
  • Plant Churches worldwide

Church growth 

  • Reach more people and grow your online Church, as your members reach more people in their communities
  • Provide incentives to your members to participate in Church growth 
  • Offer the Church a widely shared strategy to connect with members and recognize true leaders in your congregation.
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