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Unveiling Journey

On this reflective journey of healing and transformation, be guided through a series
of self-reflective meditations, interactive journaling, empowerment messages, and wellness therapy + Faith

As you journey to the core of your being, this experience will help you to

Explore paths that lead to life-changing discoveries
Discover, uncover and recover identity, vision, and divine purpose
Gain greater personal and spiritual awareness, building focus and faith muscles

Business / Ministry Planning

Unveiling Journey Journal

9 modules and 35 sessions (digital + downloads)
Investment: 6 months access: membership $999
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Unveiling Journey Business Opportunity

Turn-Key business opportunity

Access to GOLD and DIAMOND Plans

Access to market the digital curriculum to your community
Individual + group coaching sessions
Unveiling Journey life coach certification
10 Months virtual support
10 High level Mastermind group sessions
Investment: 12 months access
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